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fresno, CA
degree in exercise science from Fresno State
19 years of experience

Fresno, CA
I am a college graduate Fresno State with a degree in kinesiology. I have an extreme passion for fitness, sports, and health education. I've been involved in organized sports for 15 years and I played semi pro football for the last four. I am NASM certified in Fitness and I have a CPR certificate. I'm energetic, knowledgeable, and have flexible hours to fit any fitness need. I'm eager to help you achieve your personal fitness goals!!

, CA

Stockton, CA
I am a health and fitness specialist with a degree in Kinesiology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I have an extensive background in exercise testing and prescription and can help you achieve your goals!

I've worked with collegiate level athletes as well as individuals simply looking to better their fitness level, I have the skills and knowledge to create a unique fitness program designed to meet your needs.

Ripon, CA

Fresno, CA
My name is Cameron Scharnick and health and fitness has been a big part of my life for the past decade. I have three years of experience now as a personal trainer and it has been the most rewarding three years of my life. I love helping people achieve their goals and set up life long habits that increase the length and quality of life.

Fresno, CA

, CA
Bio-Fitness is my life, so nothing excites me more than to see other people inspired and change their own lives with fitness and healthy nutrition.

I started fitness competitions and fitness modeling while in college, and became a personal trainer a few years later because that was always my passion and focus. I knew nothing could be better than teaching everything that I love to different types of people and seeing their lives and self confidence change for the better.

I specialize in weight loss and muscle building, and nutrition.I also train and prep bikini/figure/bodybuilder competitors or males/females that ...

Novato, CA
Colin holds multiple certifications by some of the most recognized professional fitness organizations in the world. He is currently certified as an ACE & NASM Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, USA Level 1 Olympic Sports Performance Coach, NASM Performance Enhancement & Corrective Exercise Specialist as well as an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has also completed certifications in Pilates mat, yoga and group fitness. Colin also holds his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Sonoma State University and is currently working towards his Masters degree in Kinesiology.

Colin earned first team All-League and All-Redwood Empire honors in football for ...

Novato, CA

Ceres, CA
I am the owner of Body & Soul Fitness in Ceres, CA, which is a fitness facility that I established with the goal of providing individualized attention to my clients in order to help them improve their physical health and psychological well being. In addition to managing day-to-day operations as owner, I am also a class instructor, boot camp leader, and personal trainer.

I have 10 years of experience working in the health and fitness industry as a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Massage Therapist, certified Mad Dog Cycling instructor, and group exercise leader. I have expertise in strength training, aerobics, Pilates, ...

Elk Grove , CA
True Grit Sports Conditioning uses sports training, sports conditioning and sports skill development to teach the values of nutrition, injury prevention, and self esteem/confidence. For the student/athlete who has a goal of participating in college sports, we will provide professional sports training, sports skills development, and college scholarship counseling/preparation. This is provided to both male and female athletes involved in any sport.

stockton, CA
Brandon is from Stockton, CA and graduated from Bear Creek High School, in 2002. Following high school, he attended Missouri Baptist University on a baseball scholarship and majored in sports medicine, with a minor in chemistry. After graduation in 2007, Brandon returned to his native Stockton and founded Crossfit CenCal. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in sport managment. Brandon is a certified personal trainer through the International Sports Science Institute as well as the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is a registered United States Weightlifting Olympic Lifting Coach, a certified USAW Sports Performance Coach, a Crossfit Level ...

Modesto, CA
I have to be completely honest. I was a reluctant convert to CrossFit and to fitness in general. To begin with, I was never much of an athlete. I was undisciplined and had all sorts of bad habits. When I ate, I ate too much or too little. When I drank, I drank too much. To make matters worse, I smoked nearly a pack of Marlboros a day on and off for over 20 years. In the past I’d made attempts to change my bad habits and “get in shape”, but these were mostly half hearted measures and those ...

Fresno, CA
Owner and Head CrossFit Instructor, CrossFit Combat Fitness, 2009-present
Owner and Head Sports Performance Coach, SPEED, 2009-present
Sports Performance Director, Velocity Sports Performance, 2006-2009
Interim Head Strength Coach, Fresno State, 2004-2005
Assistant Strength Coach, Fresno State, 2000-2006
Intern Strength Coach, Fresno State, 1997-2000

Awards and Recognitions
NSCA Coach Practitioner Distinction, 2005-2008
NSCA Registered Strength Coach, 2005-2008

I have participated in many sports throughout my life including soccer, baseball, wrestling, football, judo, karate, track & field, softball, motorcycle roadracing, and weightlifting. I have nine years experience as a collegiate Division 1 strength and conditioning coach where I designed and implemented strength training programs for Baseball, ...
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