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Manteca, CA

Silicon Valley, CA
Owner of Power Dolls Fitness in Cupertino, CA. Weight Training for Women. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my passion for fitness and weight training with you. I am a certified Personal Trainer and have personally experienced the bitter weight gain/weight loss battle, the disappointing results from DIY diets and workouts, desperately wanting a personal trainer but not always finding it in the budget…. After being told I was too underweight to participate in the high school blood drive, I originally turned to weight training to put on weight. Now as an adult, ...

San Jose, CA

Hayward, CA
Top 10 MaxFormation Finalist in 2010. I've run a full marathon and several half marathons.

stockton, CA

Santa Monica, CA
Hey everyone my name is Shahean Eftekhar, I have trained in a variety of martial arts sense I was a kid. I have my first degree Black Belt in Moores Shou Shu’ (Kung Fu) and three different fitness certifications (IISA, NASM, & Chronic Pain Management through Kaiser). My training Philosophy is simple. Give me 110% and I’ll give you 150% effort to help you reach your goals. If you are looking for a training with a lot of experience in weight loss, sports conditioning, and striking then I’m your man. So come out to LA Boxing of Fresno so we ...

Elk Grove, CA
I am an International Fitness and Physique Association (IFPA) Professional Bodybuilder and Figure Competitor. I have been a personal trainer for 5 years. As a personal trainer I practice what I preach! I use a variety of training methods to help you achieve your goals.

Lodi, CA
I really try to help people try to obtain their goals through proper diets and customizing their exercise program. I work closely with Jed Green from the Max Muscle store in Lodi to ensure their results.

Lodi, CA
I've been a personal trainer for 30 years training all people for all reasons. Get into that bikini, lose 70 lbs before my doctor kills me, teach my teenager the great stuff about about being healthy

Eager to produce world class results to fit the needs of those who are seeking to prevent diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis as well as increase cardio-respiratory health, strength and athletic ability. Art Correa seeks to help every member meet their goals, and to create an atmosphere that will educate and assist members on becoming healthier, more competitive and passionate about their lives.

The Bod-e² Shop was created by a vision and this vision was to combine health and fitness within an environment that was completely positive. Art Correa also known as "The Shark" is a personal trainer/Owner of The Bod-e² Shop ...

Oakley, CA
I am a wife and mother of two. I have always had a passion for fitness. It wasn't until after I had my second child that I had the motivation to get certified. I train people of all types, woman who want to get their pre-baby body back, men who would like to put on more muscle and folks who would just like to lose weight and be in better shape.

San Francisco, CA
Now 43 Chris has been passionate about fitness for over a quarter century. Chris obtained his first personal trainer certification at 18 which helped him succeed as a member of the ADFPA (American Drug Free Power-lifting Association) and the Drug Free ANBF (All Natural Bodybuilding Federation) as well as obtaining black belts in the martial arts Kenpo, Judo and Jiu Jitsu.
After Chris' initial ACE certification which he used as a knowledge builder, Chris developed a passion for helping normal everyday people accomplish their fitness goals. Chris obtained his current certifications (NASM & IFPA) in 1999 and has been personal training ...

Redwood City, CA
My name is Joey Nava, and unlike most trainers I've actually started as a client. I had a serious problem with being over weight and trying all the fad diets didnt seem to work for me,finally when the Dr said Joey we need to do something fast and i mean fast thats when I then looked to the help of a personal trainer. We set goals and plan of attacks were in place. We started working right away and before you know it lbs started to come off. From being 224 lbs to being a cool 190 currently ...

livermore, CA

Modesto, CA
I am a personal trainer that helps my clients reach their fitness goals. I cross train to keep the body changing and to keep my client from getting bored. Work outs may include boxing, Bosu ball, stability ball, resistance bands, step, Zumba, TRX, yoga and of course weights.
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